Who we are

Barapani is a communications agency that works primarily with non-profits.

We develop and implement communications strategies for non-profits. As a result of working with us on communication, you will be able to:

  • Tell your story better
  • Change attitudes and behavior
  • Raise money.

Our highly-skilled team of strategic consultants, writers, designers, subject matter specialists, and photographers work on communication solutions that change lives.

We develop strategy – and produce results.

Results concern us. We work with you to implement communication strategies and monitor results.

We are also happy to build your capacity through workshops and one-on-one coaching.

We like building long-term relationships.

Effective communication is a way of life and takes time and coaching to adopt.

So while we might start by developing an annual report or website for you, we produce our best results when we work with you in the longer term.

We listen – to you and to your supporters.

We listen to you, but we also listen to what your donors, your supporters and the communities with whom you work say. Our communication strategies are based on what they need. We may disagree with you, but then, we wouldn’t be the right people to work with if we didn’t do that.

What we do


Your brand is much more than a colour, a symbol or a typeface.

We ask and help you answer fundamental questions about who you are, why you do what you do, what you are best at, what in your way of doing things is non-negotiable, and how your supporters see you.

We help you shape and articulate your brand identity, and develop a visual identity that communicates your brand. And yes, we also help in rolling out your brand identity.


For us, the start of a communications, fundraising or advocacy strategy is: What do you want to achieve? We then ask the question: To get there, who will you need to influence, and what do they think?

Our communications/ fundraising/ advocacy strategies work because we base them on a thorough understanding of where your donors/ supporters are.

Most important, we help you implement the strategy and monitor results.


With us, every piece of communication counts. Therefore, whether we produce a brochure, an annual report, a website, a newsletter, a film or a social media strategy, we identify tangible results that we want from it.

We produce materials from end-to-end – in other words, we conceive, write, design and print materials. Online, we create and maintain websites and implement social media strategies.


We work with specific fundraising needs

We produce pitches and materials to approach ‘high net worth’ individuals and corporate donors. Equally important, we develop donor communication to recruit and retain small individual donors.

We do direct mailers, presentations, thank you letters, welcome packs for donors, newsletters and annual reports.


People give to people, and not to organisations. This much repeated axiom in fundraising finds practical application in our approach to stories of change.

We visit your work, conduct detailed interviews, take photographs and create powerful stories of change in the lives of individuals and communities. These stories highlight the human aspect of your work to donors, volunteers and campaigners.


Advocacy begins by defining the end, or in other words, your goal.

We work through every step of the campaign, by identifying goals, objectives, target audiences, messages and finally, the best methods by which to reach them.