Revitalising Rainfed Agriculture (RRA) Network

Two years ago, when we started work with the RRA Network as its communication node, it was in its nascent stages. The idea was bold: To challenge decades of institutional and political thought on agriculture in India. The campaign needed to convince policy-makers about the disparity in investment between irrigated and rainfed areas, the resulting intense poverty in rainfed regions, and make a case for the urgent need to allocate resources.

In the last two years, the RRA Network has built a brand that is recognized within albeit limited circles and become more visible as an entity working on the challenge of revitalizing rainfed agriculture.

As the communications node, we worked to articulate the network’s central argument and created a language of campaign goals, objectives and propositions. The language is now used in all communication materials and across individuals and organisations within the network, a significant feat for such a complex network.

Every communication tool became a way of clarifying ideas and sharpening the argument. The simple RRA Network brochure was a product of intense thought on what the network stood for and wanted to achieve. The resulting internal clarity paved the way for uniformity and consistency in messaging.

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