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HOPE worldwide

HOPE worldwide needed an effective way to pitch to high net worth donors in 26 countries. Staff and country heads often had to come up with presentations at short notice. They not only needed help with content and design, but also in gathering material for the presentations.

So we created a 12-page guide that could be used by HOPE worldwide staff and country directors across the world to collect raw material in a form that could then be easily translated into materials for fundraising. The guide covered aspects ranging from how to state the problem, to telling a story of change and framing the ask. The guide was tested in 26 countries where HOPE worldwide works.

Four countries followed the guide to gather raw material for presentations.

Based on this, we created a series of tailored presentations for specific high net worth donors for India, the US, China and Singapore.

Two presentations for India (pitched to a US donor) and the US won large donations, including a legacy.

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