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As HOPE foundation’s communication team, we also handle its social media outreach.

Our goal was two-fold: to create a more aware donor audience, and to build a community of volunteers, donors and friends who could be invited to offline events, and contribute to HOPE foundation’s work.

Realising that good content was key to sustaining a healthy engagement on Facebook, we created a library of photographs, stories, reports and statistics even before we started the outreach on Facebook.

Today, HOPE foundation’s Facebook page typically has the following types of content:

  • Interesting hooks/ events
  • Stories of change
  • Experiences from field staff, volunteers and donors
  • Photo stories
  • Testimonials from partners and donors
  • Videos
  • Trending articles and links related to the areas in which HOPE foundation works
  • Papers published by volunteers and others
  • Notes of appreciation and awards
  • News and events

Together with HOPE staff across India, we source content, rewrite and post them.

We review results once a month and monitor the growth of the network, quality of content, quality of interaction, best timings for posting, and content types that get the most responses. One finding was that visitors to the Facebook page were largely in the 18-35 age category, so we modified the tone of the posts to a more chatty one.

The second photo above depicts the statistics immediately after we took over maintenance of the Facebook page.

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