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For HOPE foundation, the key to sustaining relationships with high net worth individual and corporate donors (who form the mainstay of HOPE foundation’s income) lay in providing highly customized reports to different categories of donors.

We created three levels of reporting. The first comprises a monthly HTML newsletter, One Life at a Time, which goes out to more than 7,000 regular donors, volunteers and partners. The newsletter is brief, contains key statistics on impact for the month, a story of change and testimonials from partners and volunteers. Though the newsletter was meant as a thank you and reporting device, it has started to yield steady monthly donations.

The second level comprises an attractive half-yearly newsletter in PDF that goes out to around 30 donors, with the stories, achievements and narrative customized for each. This means that we produce 60 such newsletters in a year, but the return on investment is high, as these are high net worth donors. For major donors, we have a third level of, again, customized quarterly newsletters.

We interact with HOPE foundation’s offices across the country and gather material according to a strict calendar in order to write, design and send out these reports. It couldn’t have been possible without the amazing proactive support from HOPE’s staff and leadership.

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